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DayZ Cheats

We provide a dayz standalone cheats that will increase your gaming pleasure. In a few steps the cheat is injected and you can destroy your enemies. Thanks to the hwid spoofer, you can play in fully rage settings without fear of being banned, or you can play with your friends in legit settings and no one will know that you are using cheating.



You can troll people like in the video while using our Dayz cheat ^^


Destroy your enemies with the internal dayz aimbot. Its is suitable for working extremely smoothly or extremely rage, you can set your usage preference in the dayz hack menu aimbot tabs. If you lower the smoothness value, aimbot will work with more humane reflexes or if you increase the smoothness value aimbot hacks works as an instant headshot. If you activate the silent aimbot the bullets will follow your enemy.

Aimbot Features List

  1. On/Off Slient Aimbot.
  2. Adjustable Fov Settings with Slider.
  3. On/Off Aimbot On Players.
  4. On/Off Aimbot On Zombies.
  5. Adjustable Hitbox; 5.1. Always Head. 5.2. Always Body. 5.3. Body + Head. 5.4. Nearest.
  6. Adjustable Keybinds; 6.1 Aimbot Key. 6.2 Hitbox Switch Key.
dayz aimbot


The issue where internal cheats are the most advantageous compared to external and other types of game hack is undoubtedly esp. esp work without any lag in internal hacks. Our dayz cheat is internally injected so it does not cause unnecessary CPU usage on your computer.

ESP Features List

  1. Box on players.
  2. Box on zombies.
  3. ESP on Loots .
  4. Render distance for loots.
  5. Adjustable max distance with slider.
  6. Cars, skeleton, name, distance ESP.
  7. Show server info.
  8. Show enemy aim pos.
  9. Adjustable aim pos size with slider.
dayz esp hack

dayz Cheat mısc features

Misc features are actually features apart from aimbot and esp which are the basic cheat features. as a misc feature, our dayz cheat has Speed ​​hack, Speed ​​muliply and No Grass features. These features are mostly preferred by users who love rage cheats. If you want more dayz cheat features, you can contact us and send us your requests. If there's anything that can be done, we're happy to add it to our dayz standalone hack.

dayz standalone cheat - hwıd spoofer

Dayz works with BE anti-cheat company. BE working logic is banned while a user is using cheats, the person applies a permanent ban to the computer hardware. If the user's hardware id is banned, they will be banned again even if they play with their new account without cheating. In this case, if you decide to use the dayz cheat, definitely use safe dayz cheats and private dayz cheats. If you are banned from BE hwid spoofer removes your ID ban and protects you from future ID ban. hwid spoofer is provided to our users free of charge within the dayz cheats, you can continue to use the hardware spoofer free of charge as long as your cheat period continues. We don't sell only hardware spoofers for privacy purposes.




Dayz hack loader not working on my computer?
Please turn off all windows related firewalls. Delete vanguard anti-cheat and faceit if installed. If the loader still does not work, try again after installing runtimes aio at the bottom of the instructions page and restarting your computer.
I buy the dayz cheat but I don't know how to run it?
You need a USB to run the DayZ cheat. if you're ready, check the tutorials page.
Why is the firewall warning for the dayz cheat loader?
While the Dayz hack works, it load a driver these certificates are usually legit available only from large software companies. We copy these certificates and make cheat injectors so you get a firewall alert for an loader..
Dayz Hack work on Windows 7?
Unfortunately, we have removed support for windows 7. If your operating system is windows 7, you need to update it for the cheat to work.
Dayz Hack work on Windows 10?
Yes, our cheat supports windows 10. Although there is no problem, doing your windows updates is useful for the dayz cheat to work more stable.
Dayz Hack work on Windows 11?
Yes, Its working on windows 11 PCs.
Does the Windows version (build) matter for the cheat to work?
No for our dayz hack. It works on all versions but we recommend using the updated operating system.
What is the Slient aimbot?
Its next gen magic bullets. If you ask what is the magic bullet, the bullets are locked to the enemies. In Silent aimbot, bullets are automatically locked to the enemies, but it check objects and walls.
What does the ESP in the Dayz cheat do?
The ESP cheat in Dayz shows the location of the enemies and the locations of the items on the map.
DayZ Hwid spoofer is free?
Yes, every customer who buys our dayz hack has free access to the hwid spoofer.
Hwid spoofer loader is different from cheat loader?
No, you need to use the interface of the cheat loader to activate the hardware spoofer.
Can I Buy lifetime DayZ hack?
Unfortunately, we misjudge the lifetime sale policy as our hierarchies are volatile. Our goal is to make full use of the license keys purchased by all our customers.
Can I Get Refund?
It is possible to get a refund within 3 days in case of non-activated key or hack working problems.
Why can't I pay with paypal?
Unfortunately, PayPal does not accept cheat sales for corporate accounts.

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