Escape From Tarkov: Arena Cheats

Our Escape From Tarkov Arena cheats are completely security and performance focused, produced by the best developers on the market and tested by us and our community. Using the cheats is very simple and consists of a few steps, all you need to do is have the installer and license key to start using them.

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Best features and prıces

Escape From Tarkov Arena Cheat Features.

All our features in the Arena cheat are safe to use. You can customize our features to be legit or rage according to your preference. You can save all your settings as config and share them with your friends or our community.



  • Customizable hotkey: Aimbot works in inactive mode by default. By assigning a key, it allows you to activate aimbot when you press it.
  • Bone selection: It is the setting where you specify which part of your enemy your aimbot should lock on. By default it is neck, but you can change it to foot, body, neck or head.
  • Target Modes: It allows you to choose the working principle of aimbot as distance or crosshair.
  • No Recoil Modes: You can choose your recoil mode as rage or legit.
  • Customizable smoothing: This setting reduces or increases the aimbot's response time.
  • Prediction: Prediction helps you make successful shots even at your distant enemies.
  • Distance: You can adjust whether the aimbot is active or not depending on the distance from your enemy.


  • Box: It is used to show you your enemy in the contents of a box.
  • Name: Allows you to see your enemy's name.
  • Health: Allows you to see your enemy's current health value.
  • Distance: It allows you to see how far your enemy is from you.
  • Skeleton: Allows you to see your enemy's bone structure through walls.
  • Level: It allows you to see the current level of your enemy's.
  • Inventory Worth: It allows you to see your enemy's current inventory value.
  • K/D: It allows you to see your enemy's KDA.
  • Show team: It allows you to see where your team is.


  • Items ESP: You can see the location of all the loot on the map. You can customize whether it is visible or not according to its type, price and distance. there are many filtering features and you can easily adjust and save them all via the menu.
  • Radar Hack: This feature allows you to see even your opponents at the other end of the map via the minimap. In this way, you can get a better position and if you do not want to work, you can choose places where competitors are concentrated, or vice versa, you can choose safe areas.
  • Hardware Spoofer: Escape From Tarkov: Arena uses the Battleye anti-cheat system and if you get banned using cheats, you will face a hardware ban. In this case, hardware spoofing protects you from all future and past hardware bans. Zhexcheats provides built-in spoofer in all tarkov arena cheats.
  • Auto Update: No need to re-download, the installer updates automatically!

Why Should Gamers Choose Zhexcheats for Tarkov Arena Cheats?

  • Continuous online experienced support
  • Quick announcement and alerts.
  • Fast delivery and updates.
  • Secure payment methods.

Why Should Gamers Choose Zhexcheats for Tarkov Arena Cheats?

  • Uniqe built for each inject.
  • Hardware Spoofer.
  • Private inject methods.
  • %100 Self-coded.

How to get started



You need to register on our website, after registering you can proceed to the second step.

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Order your cheat by checking the current cheat status and requirements.

Downlaod & Inject it

You can access and start using the license key and installer from the My Account page.


Yes, Our arena cheats working windows 10 - 11 but you need to check status page always before buy products.
Yes, Our spoofer remove your past ban also it will protect you from future bans.
Yes, you don't need to mess with the bios. You can start using it with just an installer and a few steps of instructions.
It is extremely safe, no one can give a 100% guarantee, but we have a high level of security measures.
You can pay us using one of the following options; Stripe : Debit/Bank Cards. Google Pay: Debit/Bank Cards. Coinbase: BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT and more.
No, you make a one-time payment for all our products, if you want to buy the product again, you need to create new order.
Yes. As zhexcheats, we do not save any of our customers' records in our own database, all payment methods are provided by popular and reliable gateways.
Yes, you can get a full payment if our arena cheats are not working on your computer and we couldn't find a solution.
If the cheat was in working status when you purchased it and you are caught, you can get a refund.
You can refund it within 72 hours, refund requests taking longer than 72 hours will not be responded positively.