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If you are tired of constantly dying in raids, our Escape from Tarkov Cheats are just the solution you need. You will dominate your opponents thanks to our Tarkov Aimbot and ESP features offered with our As Zhexcheats we offer you undetected tarkov cheats, Our EFT hacks always use the latest method and undetectable.


Escape From Tarkov ESP Hacks

At Zhexcheats, our ESP/Wallhack tools provide players with a distinct advantage in Escape from Tarkov. Picture having the ability to identify enemies and items behind walls, offering a strategic edge to strategize your next actions. Our improved visual features ensure you're never taken by surprise, making every valuable item concealed behind obstacles effortlessly accessible. When you use the ESP cheat in Tarkov you will have the following benefits:

  • Player ESP: This feature allows players to see the location of other players on the map. It provides valuable information about enemy positions, allowing you to plan your moves strategically. With player ESP, you can easily avoid confrontations or plan ambushes, giving you a significant advantage in combat situations.
  • Item ESP: Item ESP helps players locate valuable loot, weapons, and items scattered throughout the game world. It highlights these items, making them easily visible, even through walls or other obstacles. This feature is particularly useful when you are looking for specific items or trying to gear up quickly.
  • Health and Distance ESP: This feature displays crucial information about the health of both enemies and teammates. It also provides the distance between you and other players, helping you make informed decisions about engaging in combat or retreating.
  • Weapon ESP: Weapon ESP allows you to see the weapons other players are carrying. This information can be extremely useful for planning your strategy, as you can determine the firepower your opponents possess and adjust your approach accordingly.
  • Radar ESP: Radar hacks is another popular ESP feature that provides a bird’s-eye view of the game map. It displays the positions of all players, including enemies and teammates, allowing you to plan your movements with precision.
  • Crosshair ESP: Crosshair ESP places a visible crosshair on your screen, improving your aim and accuracy. It helps you line up your shots quickly, ensuring that you hit your target with precision.
  • Visibility Check: Visibility check is an ESP feature that determines whether an enemy is visible to you or not. It takes into account factors like distance, line of sight, and obstacles, allowing you to stay hidden or engage in combat intelligently.
  • Configurable Settings: Personalizing your cheats is made possible with our configurable settings menu. Change colors, activate/deactivate features, and modify transparency levels to create your ideal cheat configuration.
Escape From Tarkov Cheats

Escape From Tarkov Aimbot Hacks

We've meticulously adjusted EFT aimbot to enable accurate aiming, empowering players to make essential shots even in intense scenarios. The user-friendly design ensures smooth integration with your gameplay, amplifying your inherent skills without overwhelming the experience. Additionally, the inclusion of customizable features tailored to your playstyle grants you the freedom to dictate how you conquer the game. It goes beyond merely hitting targets; it's about instilling players with the confidence to confront any challenge that Escape from Tarkov presents. With the ability to set your aimbot to a key of your liking, you will never lose a fight again. When you use the Aimbot cheat in Tarkov you will have the following benefits:

  • Auto-Aim: This aimbot feature automatically aims at the closest enemy when the player’s crosshair is near them. It reduces the need for precise manual aiming, making it easier to quickly eliminate opponents.
  • Triggerbot: The triggerbot is a variant of the aimbot that automatically fires the weapon when the crosshair is over an enemy. This eliminates the need for players to time their shots, as the triggerbot fires as soon as the target is in the sights.
  • Silent Aim: This aimbot feature allows players to hit their targets without their crosshair visibly moving. It gives the illusion of natural aiming, making it difficult for opponents to detect that the player is using an aimbot.
  • Bone Aim: With bone aim, players can choose specific body parts to target, such as the head or torso. This aimbot feature ensures that shots are directed at the most vulnerable areas, maximizing damage and increasing the chances of a quick kill.
  • Prediction: This aimbot feature predicts the movement of opponents, allowing players to lead their shots accurately. It compensates for factors like bullet travel time and enemy movement, making it easier to hit moving targets.
  • No Recoil: While not strictly an aimbot, the no recoil cheat is often used in conjunction with aimbots. It eliminates the weapon’s recoil, ensuring that every shot fired stays on target. This cheat further enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of the aimbot.
  • Auto-Switch Target: When engaging multiple enemies, the auto-switch target feature becomes invaluable. It automatically switches the aimbot’s target to the closest enemy, ensuring that players can quickly dispatch multiple opponents in rapid succession.
  • Smooth Aimbot: The smooth aimbot feature provides a more natural and human-like aiming motion. Instead of instantly snapping to targets, the aimbot smoothly adjusts the crosshair’s position, making it less obvious to opponents that the player is using cheats.
Escape From Tarkov Aimbot Hacks

Misc Escape from Tarkov Cheat Features

Among the plethora of Escape from Tarkov Cheat Features, specific ones garner considerable attention from users due to their immense value and applicability. Below, we outline the most sought-after features, explaining their functions:

  1. Recoil Control

    With the ability to turn recoil and spread off, your chances of missing a shot are slim to none. Combining our ESP, Aimbot, and recoil control you will always know where your opponents are and where they are heading, you will be at an advantage at all times while scrounging for gear.
  2. Tarkov Loot Thru Wall

    Have you ever been looking for gear on a map with lots of locked doors, well no longer. Looting thru walls is an overpowered feature that allows you access to nearly all items on the map. Whether you're on shoreline looting through the floor of  West wing room 301, or there is a LEDx in the red keycard room on Labs. You will always be able to get the best loot out of raids and walk away with millions in profit.
  3. Friendly fire

    Some users might be anxious to use our software because they're nervous they might accidentally shoot a teammate when trying to shoot an enemy. With our Escape from Tarkov Cheats this is negated by the fact that you can add someone to your “friends” list which means you can not aimbot them and their name on your ESP will be a different color than other players, making it clear that they are your teammate.
  4. Skip Examine & Searching

    Sometimes in Escape from Tarkov you'll be in a firefight where your armor and helmet are damaged and you need to swap armor with a body. Because of the search times in EFT this will sometimes get you killed. Our software has a feature that searches the body before you get to it so when you open their loot everything is able to be taken. Allowing you to loot a body in 10 seconds or less EVERY TIME!
  5. Thermal/Night Vision

    Have a task that requires you to do a night raid? Say no more. With a thermal and a night vision mode, you never have to worry if someone is behind a wall or if they are visible. You can always complete those night raids with ease.
  6. Crosshair

    Our Escape from Tarkov Cheat offers a crosshair in the correct spot on your screen where your bullet will travel to. This is most useful when playing without the use of aimbot. You will no longer have to guess where your shots will land.
Escape From Tarkov ESP Hacks

Escape from Tarkov Cheat Features and Risk Table

Evaluate our comparison table illustrating varying degrees of hazard associated with disparate cheat functionalities, categorized as either legit, semi-rage, or rage.

1 Visual Boxes Display bounding boxes around player characters. Legit
2 Visual Names Display names above player characters. Legit
3 Visual HP Bars Display health bars above player characters. Legit
4 Visual Distance Display the distance between yourself and other players. Legit
5 Visual Show Items Highlight items through terrain and walls. Legit
6 Visual Show Meds Highlight medical supplies through terrain and walls. Legit
7 Visual Show Guns Highlight weapons through terrain and walls. Legit
8 Visual Show Valuables Highlight valuable items through terrain and walls. Legit
9 Visual Show Attachments Highlight attachments through terrain and walls. Legit
10 Visual Show Clothing Highlight clothing items through terrain and walls. Legit
11 Visual Show Food Highlight food items through terrain and walls. Legit
12 Visual Corpses Display markers where dead bodies are located. Legit
13 Aimbot Aimbot Automatically aim at nearby enemies. Semi-rage
14 Aimbot Silent Aim Instantly lock onto targets when they enter the line of sight. Rage
15 Aimbot Memory Aim Remember enemy positions after losing visibility. Rage
16 Aimbot Norecoil Eliminate weapon recoil. Semi-rage
17 Aimbot Instant Aim Immediately aim towards targeted enemies. Semi-rage
18 Aimbot Aimbot Key Assign hotkeys to activate the aimbot. Legit
19 Aimbot Aimbot Keybind Bind keys to control the aimbot. Legit
20 Aimbot Aimbone Specify which bone the aimbot should focus on. Semi-rage
21 Aimbot FOV Adjust the angle range of the aimbot's detection. Legit
22 Aimbot Smoothness Set how smooth the transition will be when activating the aimbot. Legit
23 Misc Thermal Vision Activate enhanced visual capabilities like thermal imaging. Legit
24 Misc Disable Visor Deactivate visors entirely. Legit
25 Misc Font Size Change text size in the user interface. Legit
26 Misc Crosshair Customize crosshairs appearance. Legit
27 Misc Crosshair Size Modify crosshairs size. Legit
28 Misc Infinite Stamina Remove endurance depletion upon running. Rage
29 Misc Fly Ignore falling off ledges. Rage
30 Misc Loot Through Walls Retrieve items through barriers. Semi-rage
31 Misc Noclip Move freely throughout maps. Rage

Features labeled 'Legit' offer subtle improvements that are ideal for actual play styles, while 'Semi-rage' features require careful use. Choosing 'Rage' features may put your account at risk, which may be reported by other players and lead to a manual ban.

Why Choose Our Escape from Tarkov Cheats

At Zhexcheats, our unwavering commitment to user-friendly design is exemplified in the meticulous crafting of our Escape from Tarkov interface. This carefully designed interface caters to the diverse needs of both seasoned players and beginners, offering an intuitive navigation experience for seamlessly activating our software. Furthermore, our cutting-edge EFT Cheats goes beyond mere compatibility, ensuring optimal performance across a spectrum of computer specifications, and providing no loss of frames per second (FPS) even on less powerful systems. Should any inquiries arise, rest assured that our devoted community and support team stand ready to assist, ensuring you unlock the full potential of your gaming experience with Zhexcheats. We also develop cheats for other game types apart from FPS games. If you are interested in football games, We recommend you take a look at our FC 24 cheats.

Superior Escape from Tarkov Hacks at Zhexcheats

Choosing to shop with Zhexcheats over competitors is a strategic decision that reflects our dedication to providing an unparalleled customer experience at an exceptional value. At Zhexcheats, we go beyond the conventional transactional approach, focusing on crafting a holistic journey for our customers. We believe in consistently surpassing expectations at every touchpoint, from browsing our selection to post-purchase support. Our paramount goal is to ensure the utmost satisfaction of every one of our customers, and we achieve this by offering top-notch products such as Escape from Tarkov Cheats at a competitive price point. What sets us apart is the comprehensive set of features embedded in our EFT Hack, outclassing any other available options. Additionally, we understand that flexibility is key, which is why we provide various time period options for accessing our software. This enables you to customize the duration based on your preferences, ensuring that you only pay for what you need. All these benefits are delivered at the most cost-effective prices, demonstrating our commitment to providing not just a product, but an entire experience tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. We expect our customers to have a good experience. One of the options included in our EFT Cheats is full color customization, we are one of the only providers who offer this. If you want rare loot to be colored blue and enemies to be colored green, you have full access to make this possible. Our Tarkov cheats use uniqe build for all injects so it is almost impossible to be detected by anti-cheats. We always keep our EFT Cheats up to date and develop special inject methods. Your account security is very important to us. We have customers who have been using our tarkov cheats undetected for years.

Buy Escape from Tarkov Cheats

When purchasing Escape from Tarkov cheats from Zhexcheats, you can rest assured that you're obtaining top-quality software at an affordable price. Prices start as low as €9, a relatively small investment compared to the potential rewards of dominating in Escape from Tarkov. Moreover, we frequently offer discount promotions and sales, so be sure to stay on the lookout for those!

At Zhexcheats, we understand the importance of protecting user identities and minimizing the risk of detection, which is why we offer built-in hardware spoofers. Furthermore, our team provides continuous updates and support to ensure that our cheats remain functional and undetected. As a result, you can focus solely on enjoying the game and achieving victory. Trust us – investing in quality cheats for Escape from Tarkov is well worth it!

Built-in Hardware Spoofer for Escape from Tarkov

One major concern when using cheats in online games is the risk of being detected and banned by anti-cheat systems. That's where Zhexcheats built-in hardware spoofer comes in handy. This feature masks your PC's unique hardware identifier (HWID) to prevent anti-cheat systems from detecting that you're using cheats. Essentially, it makes it seem like you're playing the game on a completely different computer.

This added layer of protection is crucial for anyone serious about using cheats in Escape from Tarkov. Without a HWID spoofer, your chances of getting caught and banned increase significantly. But with Zhexcheats built-in spoofer, you can rest assured knowing that you're protected from detection.

Why Pick Our Escape from Tarkov Cheats: Safety and Easy!

Upholding security is our top priority for our EFT Cheats, exemplified by our unmatched safety measures and attentiveness to user opinions. We place great significance on actively gathering user feedback, extensively testing new features, and ensuring their reliability before rolling them out on servers. By doing so, we instill confidence in our users' gaming experience. Our commitment to providing security, simplicity, and exceptional customer service establishes us as leaders in Escape from Tarkov cheats.

Frequently asked questions about Escape from Tarkov cheat

Similar to PUBG Cheats, using EFT cheats isn't strictly illegal but violates Battlestate Games Terms of Service. Penalties may include temporary or permanent bans. Users must exercise caution and comply with local regulations.
Despite our best efforts to maintain stealth and discretion, there is always a risk involved. Effectiveness depends on individual usage habits and developer vigilance.
No additional software or hardware is required. Just install the cheats alongside the game, followed by configuration and activation.
Our most cheats involve straightforward steps guided by detailed instruction manuals. Feel free to consult our support team for assistance.
Yes, almost our tarkov cheats include adjustable settings for a tailored experience.
We strive to keep our cheats compatible with game updates. Maintenance occurs frequently, ensuring continuity and functionality.
In case of disruptive patches, we act promptly to rectify issues and restore normalcy. Follow our communications for updates on known disruptions or required changes.
Certainly, we back our products with a 3-day money-back guarantee. Unsatisfied clients may seek refunds within this period. More Details:
Various payment methods are accepted, including credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, and cryptocurrencies. Transactions occur via encrypted gates for utmost security.
Our committed support team stands ready 24/7 to tackle any queries or concerns linked to our cheats. Connect through live chat, email, or ticketing systems for prompt assistance.

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  1. +rep good cheat been playing few days and no ban

  2. I have been using it for 4 months, I think it is the best public cheat on the market. Extremely safe and fast updates ty.

  3. The patience provided to diagnose the issues I was having was paired with a vast insight in figuring out a resolution. Any problem I ran into was quickly resolved. This support staff is amazing! Thank you especially to Maguars!

  4. i will continue to buy in the future
    It’s very convenient because it’s easy to use spoofers
    Good interface, good stability, free spoofer built-in
    I am impressed by the reasonable price. I recommend this product

  5. delivered on time and was very helpful! 10/10 recommend

  6. been using this for about 3 months with only visuals, no ban. seller is reliable, customer support is really good. the cheat functions as mentioned and gives me no problems. 10/10

  7. works as advertised BTC payment was quick compared to other sellers and the owner is active in the discord to answer any issues you might have

  8. working great! selller is fast and helpful.

  9. i am use it over 4 months its fully ud with the inbuilt spoofer too good Desync is best tarkov cheat ever