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  1. A

    +rep good cheat been playing few days and no ban

  2. H

    This is the FC 24 cheat with the best features I have ever used. The price is very affordable compared to others.

  3. S

    +rep simply to use and works good Zhex is the best

  4. FV

    Most helpful owners/dev on the planet.

  5. R

    I have been using it for 4 months, I think it is the best public cheat on the market. Extremely safe and fast updates ty.

  6. B

    Cheap and good price.

  7. SY

    Purchased day pass to try out the enhancement. Will say very impressive. ESP works great just as intended. Great shortcut keys to hide extra info when you are all looted up! Not really much of a Aimbot user just cause I am pretty confident in my own aim. However, in some extreme fights the aimbot doesn’t fail you at all! Very impressed. I am a first time user of zhexcheats and I have used MANY providers in the past. zhexcheats will not disappoint you. I purchased day pass just to experience the quality of the enhancement before making a full commitment with their services. Pleased to say I will be coming back with monthly subs and if any discounts offered for more time. I may just as-well take advantage of those! Will be trying RUST myself too in the future! Thanks!!!

  8. G

    Great cheat + fast support, kept cool with plenty dumb questions from my side.

  9. O0

    like always this is the best cheat makers

  10. S

    The patience provided to diagnose the issues I was having was paired with a vast insight in figuring out a resolution. Any problem I ran into was quickly resolved. This support staff is amazing! Thank you especially to Maguars!

  11. CK

    very good support knowlagable and fast help and product issues gets solved fast always and always updated fast.

  12. K

    +Big Vouch, the best cheat i ever tried.

  13. G

    +rep love FX product. im recommend it.

  14. A
  15. Q

    I have used Kern Dayz before, I wanted to try kern in Gray zone too and this is goat too..

  16. B

    easy to use and good price

  17. A

    It wasn’t working at first, but the owner helped me on discord. +rep

  18. L

    i will continue to buy in the future
    It’s very convenient because it’s easy to use spoofers
    Good interface, good stability, free spoofer built-in
    I am impressed by the reasonable price. I recommend this product

  19. J

    Its best FC cheat ever, i am use FX since FIFA 2019. It has more features than products costing over 100+€ per month and its price is 39€ lifetime. +Vouch..

  20. J

    Above all, I’m going to buy this product again because of its excellent stability. The best

  21. H

    Had a little bit of Trouble with the Blueock, completely resolved it with the help of Zhex.

  22. R

    +rep good menu and easy to use

  23. K

    Best features /w good prices.

    i give you 4/5 beacuse some features patched.

  24. Z

    always multiple staff trying the best to help. great service

  25. S

    delivered on time and was very helpful! 10/10 recommend

  26. A
  27. E

    +vouch, nice price, friendly. Fast to respond.
    Ofc software works as advertised

  28. A

    Best cheat on the market for pubg, aimbot is flawless and no crashing or problems ZHEX has been great.

  29. E

    been using this for about 3 months with only visuals, no ban. seller is reliable, customer support is really good. the cheat functions as mentioned and gives me no problems. 10/10

  30. A

    I’ve been using the cheat for a week now, no ban so far and support is friendly and fast the inbuilt spoofer works perfectly too.

  31. JH

    works as advertised BTC payment was quick compared to other sellers and the owner is active in the discord to answer any issues you might have

  32. B

    Great Support + Amazing Features

  33. J

    working great! selller is fast and helpful.

  34. J

    Good performance at a reasonable price. I’ve been doing UD for 15 days without any problems

  35. T

    i am use it over 4 months its fully ud with the inbuilt spoofer too good Desync is best tarkov cheat ever

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