Escape From Tarkov can be a complex survival game, especially for newcomers. In this guide, we will focus on fundamental strategies to help beginner players better understand the game and survive.

Get to Know the Maps Well

The first step is to learn the maps thoroughly. Being familiar with loot points, exits, and enemy areas will give you a significant advantage. This knowledge can protect you from ambushes and ensure you don’t miss valuable items.


Carefully Choose Your Equipment

In the beginning, it’s crucial to start with basic equipment. Heavy armor and high-caliber weapons can make you cumbersome and draw attention. A light and silent approach is often more effective.

Focus on Low-Risk Tasks

Missions in the game can earn you valuable rewards. However, focusing on lower-risk tasks instead of challenging missions at the start helps you gain experience and progress more safely.

Listen Carefully to Sounds

Escape From Tarkov is filled with the critical role of sound. Hearing enemies and determining their locations can help protect you from sudden attacks. Using headphones will give you an advantage in this regard.

Don’t Forget Exit Points

Knowing exit points is vital for a successful extraction. Learning exit points on each map will help you safely leave with the valuable items you’ve collected.

With these basic strategies, you can make a safer start in the world of Escape From Tarkov and gain a better understanding of the game. Good luck and happy gaming!

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