Settings before launch

  1. Download the RAR archive with the loader. Password is 123.
  2. Rename and place the archive in a convenient location for you: a folder on your disk or a flash drive (except for the desktop).
  3. Install the necessary libraries and frameworks:”

4.   Disable your antivirus (optional, if problems arise).

5. Turn off real-time protection (it’s better to do this manually).


6. Remove virtual machines and sandboxes (sandboxy, Oracle Virtualbox, VMware Workstation Pro, Microsoft Hyper-V) (optional, if problems arise).

7. Disable virtualization in BIOS (optional, if problems arise).

8. Enable ASLR in Windows Defender (optional, if problems arise).”

8.  Disable Secure Boot in BIOS (optional, if problems arise).

9.  Enable UEFI in BIOS (optional, if problems arise).

10. Disable Hyper-V. Command prompt as administrator -> enter bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off -> reboot PC (optional, if problems arise).

11. Turn off automatic Windows updates.

12. Remove VANGUARD, ESEA, FACEIT from your PC.

13. Reboot your PC after completing the settings.




1) Run the cheat

2) The computer will automatically restart

3) Proceed to step (2) of the main instructions


1)    Run the cheat loader.

2)    Select PUBG

3)    Turn ON inbuild (or u can use your own) spoofer

4)    Click “Start cheat” (the loader will automatically close)

5)    Enter the game

6)    Press F2 in lobby (inject key)

7)    Home – menu key

Additional information

1.            Main loader menu


2.               Checking your ID

(Do not disclose to anyone except your seller or developer.)

3. Technical support

Please provide your ID to the seller or support and request enabling error logging. After encountering an error, fill out the form and press ‘Send logs to developer’

4. Checking HWID

The ability to check HWID before and after using a spoofer.


6. Enabling and configuring the spoofer.

(Do not use unless absolutely necessary – it’s better to consult with support.)


1)  Internet cafe – an option allowing to launch cheats in an internet cafe

2) Skip network adapter spoofing – an option allowing to skip MAC address spoofing (in some cases resolves internet disconnection issues)

3) Windows 11: Try without reboot – allows skipping the required reboot when using Windows 11.

4)            Use new MAC spoofing method – a newer version of MAC address spoofing.

5)        Fix the error ‘beep.sys’ – the button to fix this error.

6)        Enable active memory dump – the button to enable extended dump (sometimes required to resolve issues)

1. Write to your seller/support with the loader ID and request to enable error logging.

2. After turning on the logs, you will receive an error again (so that it is recorded in the log)

3. Go to the support section in the loader

4. Fill out the provided form.

– Your Telegram tag (in case there is a need to clarify some details or confirm if the issue has been resolved).

– Description of your problem, including:

  • “Your Windows version (win+r > winver > enter) – completely.
  • Which product is being used (Pubg eft spoofer…).
  • Game mode (windowed borderless fullscreen).
  • Clear description of the problem. IN DETAIL: What was done? When? For how long? – The more detailed the description, the better!
  • Photo video of the problem (you can record it on your phone and upload it to https://imgur.com/ – it will greatly simplify the process).”

5. Press ‘Send logs to developer’ and wait for the issue to be fixed. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted.