In the rapidly evolving world of online gaming, security and fairness are paramount. However, players sometimes find themselves unfairly penalized by hardware ID (HWID) bans, which can restrict access to their favorite games. To address this issue, we are pleased to announce that our Desync HWID Spoofer now supports Vanguard 152, providing an effective solution for those affected by HWID bans.

What is Desync HWID Spoofer?

Desync HWID Spoofer is a sophisticated tool designed to help gamers bypass HWID bans imposed by anti-cheat systems in various games. Our spoofer works by altering the hardware identifiers of your PC, allowing you to evade detection and continue playing without the fear of being banned again. This tool is essential for gamers who have been wrongly accused or have already served their ban period but remain locked out due to persistent HWID restrictions.

New Support for Vanguard 152

Vanguard, known for its stringent anti-cheat measures, has recently updated to version 152, introducing more robust HWID ban enforcement. Recognizing the challenges faced by gamers, we have updated our Desync HWID Spoofer to support this new version. Now, users can confidently bypass Vanguard 152 HWID bans and regain access to their games.

Key Features

  • Complete Hardware ID Replacement: Our spoofer completely changes your hardware PC and MAC address, making it impossible for anti-cheat systems to recognize your device.
  • Wide Game Support: Desync HWID Spoofer is compatible with EAC games, BattlEye games, Ricochet, and now Vanguard, including League of Legends VAN 152.
  • Comprehensive OS Compatibility: Our tool supports Windows 10 – Windows 11, across all builds.
  • Processor Compatibility: It works seamlessly with both Intel and AMD processors.
  • Easy Integration: The spoofer is designed to work with third-party software, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Pricing and Availability

Desync HWID Spoofer is available in two flexible pricing plans:

  • 7-Day License: €9.99
  • 30-Day License: €19.99

We accept various payment methods, including Credit/Debit Cards, Crypto, and Google Pay, making it convenient for users worldwide.


With the latest update, Desync HWID Spoofer stands out as a reliable and effective solution for gamers dealing with HWID bans, particularly with the new Vanguard 152 enforcement. By using our tool, players can continue to enjoy their favorite games without interruption. Join our community of satisfied users and reclaim your gaming freedom today.

For more information or to purchase Desync HWID Spoofer, visit our Hardware Spoofer page.

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