What is Escape From Tarkov?

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Escape From Tarkov (EFT) is a survival-based shooter set in a speculative city called Tarkov, Russia. If we were to ask what is Escape From Tarkov, I think it would not be wrong if we say that the game is a survival simulation like PUBG, Fortnite, H1Z1. Based on my own experience, I can say that it is a difficult and demanding game. Let’s go into a little more detail if you want.

Purpose of Escape From Tarkov

Our goal in the game is to raid any of the maps, that is, to enter the ‘Raid’ session as it is called in the game and to exit the map with as much loot as we can get or as much as we need. Raid duration differs according to each map, but averages 40 minutes. takes. You must not leave the map before the time runs out, otherwise you will fail. You have two options to join the Raid. The first of these is PMC, briefly your own character; The second rank is Scav, a kind of bot. When entering Raid with PMC, you use your own inventory. Scav takes control of any bot on that map. When you enter the Raid as a Scav, other Scavs see you as a friend and do not attack. However, if you shoot another Scav, they will see you as the enemy. There is a cooldown after each attempt to raid as a solo Scav. If you die during the raid, you will lose all your items except the items you put in the Secure Container. When you die, other players cannot see this box and its contents.

Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Insurance System

EFT has an insurance system. With this system, you can insure certain items that you raided. If you die in the raid and no one removes your items from the map, your items will be returned to you after a certain period of time.

The most important thing you should pay attention to in EFT is your health. When you take any damage, you can press the Health tab to see which area is damaged and whether they are under negative effect. As long as one of your limbs does not drop to 0 health, you can use health items to restore that limb. If one of your limbs has fallen to 0 health, you must use a surgery kit. Head and chest are critical areas, when one of these areas drops to 0 health, you have a very low chance of not dying. Damage from the arms affects your aiming ability, and damage from one of your legs affects your walking and running. To temporarily correct these effects, you should use items with pain relief properties. When you are severely injured in your abdomen, you begin to lose water. If your need for water increases and runs out completely, you can die of thirst in a short time and say goodbye to the game.

Escape From Tarkov Weapons

There are many weapons and mods in the game. Examples of these weapons are customized versions of weapons such as AKM, SKS, M4A1, PP-9, MP5, Saiga, and almost all Russian weapons. You can buy weapons, mods and ammo from merchants, find them in weapon boxes on maps, or get them from the dead of other players or bots. There are 5 traders in EFT. The tighter we keep our relationship with the merchants, the more quality items you can buy and the more discounts you can get. There are factors such as character level, amount of purchases and in-game quests to solidify our relationship with traders.

Escape From Tarkov considerations

Escape From Tarkov is an FPS genre that generally requires attention, skill, coordination and situational awareness. Knowledge will be your greatest weapon in this game. All the steps you take in the game, the sounds you make or what you hear are very important. You will need to learn all about where you start, which road goes where, where the Scavs are, where the boxes spawn, where you run, where you end up. Get used to mechanics such as weapons, movement, inventory management. That’s all the information and advice I can give for now, I wish you all a good game. Also We offer undetected Escape From Tarkov Cheats

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