What is Aim Assist in game cheats? How is it working?


I would like to tell you about aim assist, which is a cheat feature that should be in most shooter games.

Let us answer the question of what exactly is AIM ASSSIST?

Aim Assist can be defined in two ways.

  1. Legal “Making the task of aiming much simpler”
  2. Illegal “The bullets that hit the opponent prior to the target being fixed on the area of the target (hidden goal)”

The definition of Aim Assist is?

It’s a mix of aim and assistance. Aim is a term used to describe aiming, and assist is a way of aiding. It can be defined Aim Assist as aid in aiming. Let me quickly explain the reason I chose to use two terms that are legal and illegal. I stated that it was legal since many games make this happen by themselves. For instance, players that play PUBG Mobile are aware. If you shoot close to the player, your bullets will hit the player and you are able to quickly neutralize your opponent. PUBG has achieved this using his own hands. It is likely that they do this because they believe that aiming at Mobile Phones (Android, Ios) will be a challenge and difficult, which I believe is true. The aim on phones is extremely difficult because we do not utilize the mouse. But, the fact that the game has a similar feature the game allows Tencent Emulator users to benefit of this feature too which makes hitting the target a breeze.
The problem is that although there isn’t a function within the game however, it can be used to enable this feature in the game using Cheat. In this scenario you’ll be better than your rivals and it won’t be apparent when you are using cheating. This is the reason I like”hidden” aim. Aim Assist is available in numerous cheats to games.

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EFT, Apex, R6, Rust and more. If you take a look at the options of Tarkov Cheats on our site you will see it has a section that is called Aimbot as a stand-alone feature and it has a variety of features related to this.

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