Huge Apex Legends leak claims to reveal more than 2 years of brand new maps and legends


Apex was struck by the largest leak in its three-year history earlier in the week.


Christmas came early to members of the Apex Legends leak and datamining community with an Google Drive folder packed with images and footage of previously not yet released maps, legends, cosmetics, and weapons posted to the ApexUncovered subreddit on the morning of yesterday.

Although the folder was later deleted however, the files inside were quickly archived and the speculative subreddit filled with screenshots and videos from what is believed to be a prototype build that the player. The most notable thing in the file dump is nine new characters added to the roster. And while the majority use placeholder models for training at the very least one (dubbed “Newcastle”) appears near completion, which has led to the possibility that he’ll be next to join the roster.

The leak also contains details about a new map for battle royale “Divided Moon”, currently made up of blocksout assets and textures. A number of new arena maps have been revealed, along with maps that have been modified to Storm Point and King’s Canyon. The leak also features new challenges for training grounds and choices, unreleased heirlooms from two current Legends as well as a plethora of Legendary character skins in various levels of completion, as well as many other modifications.

It’s not the first occasion that Apex material has dropped early. A leak from season 6 revealed new characters earlier than expected. And even though Fuse, Ash, Horizon and Valk will eventually come out, it’s important to note that other characters have didn’t materialize (Blisk) as well as were heavily altered prior to the their launch (Mad Maggie). It’s likely that a lot among the nine Legends revealed this week will appear in radically different forms or not even appear in any way.

However, given the sheer number of characters, maps, and new features The community has declared this the largest leak ever in Apex Legends history, and claims to have ruined two years of games. However, the leak has caused a lot of tension in the ApexUncovered world in which the leaker’s name is inscribed on a number of images claims that he’s been targeted by a notorious leaker.

I’ve tried to contact Respawn’s representative to inquire about their comments.

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