Why are internal cheats better than memory hacks?


Let’s look at the subject from a different perspective, friends.

If you ask how Game Cheats work?

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it actually works with a bit of code structure. In other words, we can say that it is included in an existing game as if it is from that game and continues to work in this way. If we look at it structurally, it comes up with a very different work. These game cheat structures are organized with a much more balanced and faster structure for all of us. Thanks to these code structures, which produce services in a completely wide and innovative language, we all create a work of their own. We can say that our website, which proceeds with a service based on expectations and innovation, will

increase personal expectations much faster and create a balance and innovation for all of us. Q There are many reasons for using game cheating. The main reasons for this are: The player in the opposing team uses cheats, other people play the game very well, the items in the game are sold for real money, etc. In many cases people use game cheats. It is a concept that changes from game to game. Some games require a bit coding skills, while today’s games require a high level of coding. As a result, cheating is not an easy task today. That’s why some game cheats are sold at low or high prices. There are different types of game cheats, in-game cheats and out-of-game menu cheats.

What type of game cheats are there?

  • In-game Cheats: It is the cheat method used for most games today. In order to use cheats in the game, you have to inject the codes you wrote into the game, and that’s where the anti-cheat software of the games comes into play and things get very difficult. If you test the content shared on public platforms, you get the risk of being permanently banned from games with anti-cheat protection.
  • Out-of menu Cheats: Such game cheats work by changing the offset values of the game. Games where you can do this mostly do not have anti-cheat protection. since there is no server-side protection, eft hack you can change the values ​​in the game files locally. It doesn’t make sense to buy such cheats. There are many sources on youtube and it can be done with the free application cheat engine.

How risky are game cheats?

The cheating business actually proceeds with this structure. Some games can pose a risk, especially when cheating is used in such games, private game cheats are important for your game account security, because if the cheat you use is public, it will be detected and the security of your account is always at risk.

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