What is internal game hack concept in game Cheats?


It is the method of injecting the cheat by making internal changes or additions to the game files, as in the meaning of the word internal. Internal game cheats are easier to make than hyper-v hack and external hack game cheats. but internal cheats, the most easily detected cheat by anti-cheats is the inject method. In summary, making internal cheats is easy, but making an undetected (safe) internal game cheat is difficult.


What are the advantages of the internal game hacks?

    • High performance ; It does not need any extra software to work.
    • Easy to use cheat ; the use of cheats is simple compared to other types of inject methods.
    • Cheat features work more stable ; Cheat features that work better as it directly modifies or interferes with cheat codes.

What are the disadvantages of an internal game game hack?

    • Easy to detected ; On the other hand it depends on the skill of the developer who developed this cheat, some internal cheats may be safer than other types of cheats.
      it does not say that it has any other disadvantage other than easy detection.

Our all cheats have internal hack infrastructure and we have a special method to prevent them from being detected. Our DayZ Cheats undectected and safe.

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