How to use the Rust Cheats more effectively in game?


In this post, it was written to give information about how you can make it more effective against your enemies when using the rust cheats and what all the features of the rust cheats do.

Rust Hack Aimbot

We offer you is fully configurable, you can assign a button for the aimbot, so when you press the button, the aimbot will automatically lock on the enemy, and you can choose the aimbot area with bone options. You can set the fastbow and aimbot distance.

rust hack

Rust ESP

We offer a very detailed enemy and Item esp, In our Rust guidebook, we will include all tips and some suggestions about Rust. Be sure, thanks to the Rust survival guide, your survival time in the game will increase and you will feel much better. First of all, since the game is a very comprehensive and extensive game, I recommend you to read it slowly with subtitles.


Improve Your Aim

Before the tips, suggestions and some information below, try to improve yourself in some weapons by training a lot. Instead of going directly to the servers, warm your hands on the aim development servers, force yourself on the bow and crossbow. Bow and crossbow are much more difficult than others and are the most important weapon that affects your progress in the game. So try to understand the bow and crossbow, if you like the game, spend your hours on aim servers on foot. Make sure that as a result, the official will see your difference in the community servers, you will notice that your aim is in much better places.

rust hack

You know Rust Cheats Now What Are We Doing?

One of the most important factors that will determine your survival time is the good start of the game. You will see that the better you log in at the beginning, the faster and better you will progress. First, try to build certain materials, especially if the servers you have entered are more than 30-50 people, the first thing you need to do is find some velvet, wood, stone and make a bow and arrow. Make as many arrows as fast as possible. More arrows will increase your survival.

Another important start is through animals. Use your bow and arrow to kill animals. You can start with dogs, especially if you are confident. The dog skull you will obtain from dogs allows you to print a headrest that provides you with high protection. Then you can strengthen yourself by making armor with bones.

After all this, you can split into 2 different paths. This is based on your preferences as well as the intensity of the server and your belief in your own aim. If you are confident, you can start by looking for players who are farming, that is, stone wood cutting, and you can put the power of your aim into free loot. In addition, we recommend that you take a look at the roadside players for plenty of scraping. If you do not trust yourself, if you want to make a quick introduction, try to cut stone and wood directly.

Once you have enough raw materials for the ax and pickaxe, start building your house on as accurate a land as possible by pressing these materials and keeping enough items for the house you are thinking of.

Rust is home to the right place

As it is difficult to make homemade, determining its location can be annoying for a long time. First of all, it is impossible for us to offer suggestions for building a house in the right place. Because there are different positions on each server. But in general, the markets and sphere in the middle of the map play a very important role for the players. The closer you house to these lands, the faster you will have the opportunity to collect loot. But if you are solo in the game and you are making a small base, start by laying the foundation of your house in the invisible, wooded areas as much as possible. Also we offer undetected escape from tarkov cheats.

rust cheats

Rust Reliable Homemade

One of Rust’s most difficult issues is homemade. As it is difficult to protect the house, it is also difficult and important to lay the foundations of the house at the right time after entering the servar.

The indispensable part of the house is the door. The number of doors is also the most important factor protecting you from outside players. Another factor is of course what material the door is made of. At the very beginning, there is a way you can start with a direct iron door, and this is through cleaning the roads. Try to collect everything in barrels on the roads and not die. Finally, bring all these products you have collected to the shredder machine at the airport, in the markets or in many other areas. So you will see plenty of scrap and iron casing. All that remains is to produce an iron door and a key.

It is very important how many floors the house is or where the loot, TS (the cabinet that authorizes in the house in the game) will be. Keep them in the middle of the house as much as possible, preventing users who might explode any wall. Therefore, take care to have plenty of walls and traps behind at least 3-4 iron doors. Scare the users who will come to the raid by beautifully positioning traps such as pump traps, machine gun turrets, flamethrowers. Do you check our DayZ Cheats?

rust cheats

The bigger the crowd the better

Some servers in Rust allow solo / duo / trio ie single, double and triple groups. But many other servers allow you to travel in teams of 5. This will cause you to die no matter how talented you are. For this reason, try to enter the game with one of your friends and increase the team as much as possible. In the game, apart from teams, there are clans in most servers. With teams that are highly allied.

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