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Maybe dozens, maybe hundreds of mails. “this is not happening?” “this is not working?” “what’s wrong?” We have tried to respond to these mails, which are equipped with sentences such as, as quickly and clearly as possible.
Even when the cheat entries and editing were under my control, many of them were answered or not by me… Your problems were resolved or not…
We decided to remove this uncertainty completely and made a cheat guide…
First of all, I would like to explain what “CHEATING” means. When “CHEATING” is said; bad meanings such as deceiving, deceiving can be taken.
We can even think of it as something that shouldn’t happen. However, when it comes to “GAME CHEATS“, we can think of it as a code that makes us happy, sometimes happy, saves time, and saves our minds.
But in line with the mails I received, I have to say this right away. What we call “GAMING CHEATS” are not CD-KEY (SERIAL NUMBER) or CRACK files! For this reason, it is not illegal to write or “CHEAT” in any way.
While programming game cheats in general, cheats are ways that programmers keep them ready when we call them (codes, key combinations, etc.) and make the game easier. But by creating some special situations, game cheats can also be done by us.
Game Cheat Guide
Generating cheats starts with the games in the floppy era… At that time, the cheats we made by opening the data files of the game we call HEX EDITOR and playing with the values ​​there were mostly. For example, remember the one floppy disk game where we opened a gallery called Detroit and sold cars. When we opened his data file with the help of HEX EDITOR, we would find the line belonging to the MONEY AMOUNT and immediately change it.
Today, there are almost no games that we use HEX EDITOR! Instead, we cheat by playing various text files belonging to the games with Notepad. On consoles, there is not much change in situations. Key combinations, cheat codes, passwords are still our most loyal friends… Let’s come to the question of what we need to do right and how… Let’s take a look at cheats with some examples.

Cheating by opening the console: Console codes that we use in almost all FPS, Action games are currently leading the way. Console cheating system is divided into two:

1) You can enter the game directly without any external action. In the “Control Settings” in the “Options” section in the game, the button that will open the console may be assigned. If that key is assigned, the console is opened by pressing that key in the game and cheat codes are entered. You can find these cheat codes on our site. In general, our console opening key is the key with é characters on it, located to the left of 1 between the ESC and TAB keys.
2) Before entering the game, click the shortcut button of the game you will cheat with with the right button of your mouse and select Properties from there.
Then find the Target line in the window that opens before you. Here, the biggest mistakes are made in editing this line to open the console. In general, commands written to open the console are made by adding a command to the end without deleting anything from this target line. In other words,
it should be written without the slightest character change.
Of course, there are times when the quotation marks need to be removed, which I am giving you as an example while I am writing the cheats. After making the change in the target line, press the Apply button and then the OK button to return to the desktop. Enter the game where we’re going to cheat and we’ve just modified the shortcut. Open the console by pressing the “é” key during the game and then enter the cheat codes we have given you.
Cheating by Editing a File: This cheat type, which is generally seen in strategy games, is very similar to the HEX EDITOR system of floppy disk games. Before doing this type of cheat, you should pay attention to two important points.
First, make sure to make a backup of the file you are going to make changes to. Even if you do as we tell you, sometimes cheats don’t work due to version changes and copy-original relationship. If there is no backup of the file you changed, you may have to reinstall the game.
The second point is that you must have a wordpad or notepad on your computer to make these changes. Otherwise, you cannot perform the necessary editing process. It is quite simple to make. work from you
Find the next line. Make the necessary change carefully as shown. Then save the file and start the game. If there is a key you need to press in the game, press that key to cheat.
game cheats

Cheat Codes: In fact, there are many types of game cheats codes that have a very wide range. I will try to explain them as best I can.

  1. You can cheat with the codes you write on the “Cheat” or “Password” screens, the most common and most used of these, in the in-game menus. These are the easiest to use codes as they are not hidden in the game and are ready to be entered.
  2.  The second group is the cheat codes that you do not write in any box or line in the game. Make sure you write the codes given to you properly, as the codes you write will not appear anywhere. When you do such tricks correctly, you will usually see a message on your screen or a sound from the speaker.
  3. Entering the NAME-SURNAME, which we usually use in racing or manager games, is also included in this group. The most important thing to pay attention to when entering a name and surname is the case of upper and lower case. Enter your name and surname as you were given.
Key Combinations: It is a type that is not used much in PC game cheats. Key combinations, which are the lifeblood of cheating in console game cheats, are actually one of the most difficult types of cheating to do. The hardest cheat type to write, if you ask me! You should definitely not confuse the key sequence. In some key combination cheats on our site, you will see a + sign between two key names.
This means that you have to hold down or press both keys at the same time. I usually write about such situations in detail. However, when it comes to X-BOX tricks, I have to make such abbreviations when the number of keys increases. Remember, be very careful while doing such tricks. If you do it right, a sound or a message will usually alert you.
Section Codes: It is made by entering the section code that we use in handheld consoles and old floppy disk games. GameBoy Advance games cheats currently use this system quite a lot. Instead of using the save system, a code is given for each section. We are giving these codes to you as a cheat. You can start that section by entering the code of the section you want.
Tips: Actually, these are not exactly cheats. It is more correct to say the sentences written to show the things you do not see in the game cheats or to make it easier for you to play the game. It does not allow you to interfere with the game cheats. So you don’t need to do any editing or entering a code.
Cheating Programs (Trainer): It has nothing to do with virus infection and corrupting the data files of the game cheats. However, when you find the ones that work, if you do your 100% trick, with one click. Due to recent trojan and virus attacks, our site has decided not to increase the trainer database of our site for now. However, we help our friends who want a trainer in their e-mails or ask how to use it.
If the trainer section opens, make sure that the text files describing how to use it will be prepared in by us.

EFT Hack

Here was an overview of the game cheats types. Let’s come to various warnings and recommendations:

  1.  Every cheat on our site may not work in the game cheats you have. As copy versions of some game cheats cause problems in cheating, cheats cannot be used when game versions are upgraded with patches. Therefore, try to use cheats for your version of the game and use the ORIGINAL GAME cheats if possible.
  2. We try to reduce cheats to a language that you can understand as much as we can. However, sometimes there are cheats that we find difficult to reduce. If you have difficulty in doing this, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail. After all, we are here to help.
  3. Almost all cheats are checked and trying to enter the site. However, sometimes there are tricks that we overlook or that cannot be tried. For this reason, you can send us an e-mail.
  4. Trainers, yes, they really work. But remember, for your computer the most
  5. These trainers often contain VIRUS, which is one of the dangers. Please be careful when downloading and using them. Do not download viruses to your computer as cheats, even while escaping from viruses.
  6. Cheating may not always make you happy. Keep in mind that some of their cheats may be irreversible. In case you can’t undo the cheat you did, it can enable you to uninstall and reinstall the game cheats. Therefore, before cheating, save the game cheats  well and then game cheats.
  7. Do not forget to make a working backup of the files you have changed.
I hope this guide has given you enough information about what to do and what not to do while cheating. If you have any questions, our mailboxes are always open for you guys. Remember that game cheats is a GOOD THING when it comes to it!
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