First Signs of a New Character Coming From Apex Legends”New Character

Everything points to Newcastle in new Control mode

Apex Legends New characters are always introduced in a variety of ways.
 However after the leak over the last few days we were able to meet the names of nine characters who will be added to the game. The first clues to Newcastle which is said to be the very first of these characters, was revealed in the brand new version of the game.

A captivating image welcomes players at the loading screen of the game mode known as Control that will close today. The holographic ads that you can see on the screen are titled: “No more waiting, it’s finally here!” Expression stands out. The silhouette of this article is exactly like Newcastle’s leaked design.

Massive Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Upcoming Characters

Due to leaks and leaks, we now know details about all characteristics that Newcastle will come with. Because of Newcastle’s passive, the character is able to bring his fallen enemies into the shield. Because of his strategic abilities, Newcastle will provide a protected area that is mobile, and using his ultimate ability, he’ll be able to transform the area that he leaps into to become the form of a “fortress”. We’re particularly interested in how his ult can be used during game play.

In reality, Newcastle was expected to be a character to debut in the very first calendar year. This character, which had been in the plans of Respawn for quite a while and was eventually renamed the Forge character that was later destroyed when we promoted Revenant. It’s as if the developers didn’t forget about his character…

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