Escape From Tarkov Update Notes

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The game Escape From Tarkov, which has been in Beta for many years, continues to attract attention with its updates in the beta process.
Nikita(Game Director), who promises changes that excite her fans with each new update that comes, listed the innovations that came with the update package that arrived on this day as follows:

Escape From Tarkov | List of changes:

● Added a Fence reputation boost when the player successfully exits from anywhere as a Scavenger.
● PMC-Scav2 outputs are now permanently available at all locations.
● Tagilla’s melee sounds have been adjusted.
● Added a Classification Table to the Scav item delivery screen.
● Added new missions for senior players.
● Added the ability to change PMC sounds on the audio settings tab. You can change the sound at any time when you are out of raid.
● Various artificial intelligence fixes.
● 20. added the ability to use the Flea Market to search for and buy items from Merchants for players below the level.
● Tags will now be sorted by their level.
● A 30% discount on the maximum loyalty level has been added to all products purchased from Fence.
● Added ”Very Low” graphic setting.

Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov | List of corrections:

● Raindrops are now displayed correctly on all hand models.
● Fixed the appearance of loot in the lockers on the Exchange.
● Fixed a bug that caused the improvement menu to be missing after the raid in some cases.
● Ammo box names now show their contents correctly.
● Fixed a bug where players could not rotate while lying face down on high surfaces.
● The actual production time in the Scav case now varies correctly according to the reputation with Fence.
● Fixed a bug that caused a blank screen when viewing modules on the weapon preset screen.
● Fixed a bug that did not allow the offer to be opened when clicking on the offer ID in any window next to the Flea Sunday screen.
● Fixed the camera shake that occurs when trying to go up on an inclined surface.
● Players no longer fall underground when reaching the junction of two inclined surfaces.
● Raiders can no longer run with severed legs.
● Another Player who kills Scav A Player who kills Scav will not increase Fence’s reputation when you kill Scav.
● Players can no longer slide off ledges while in a prone position.
● The missing wall in the underground area has been added to the ”Factory” location.
● The ability to look at the wall next to the door next to the cars in the ”Factory” position has been removed.
● The ability to look through the wall in the underground areas in the ”Reserve” position has been removed.
● The backpack and chest gear straps are now displayed correctly on the PMC head selection screen.
● Fixed flickering lights from lamps in underground tunnels in the expanded areas of the ”factory” location.
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● Fixed flickering lights of lamps coming from certain distances in the ”Customs” position.
● The player’s head model “Hudson” is now displayed correctly with ski masks and masks.
● Fixed several problems with the lighting in the ”Lab” position.
● Fixed the emergence of Scav in the open area next to the repair and maintenance building at the ”Reserve” location.
● Fixed the working time of the air filter in the bunker.
● Fixed the possibility of Scavs being born next to players in all locations.
● Fixed the possibility of placing a task item on the floor when moving to the task item stash.
● Fixed the possibility of Scavs appearing on the ground.
● The fuse icon (orange rectangle) will no longer disappear after reconnecting.
● In some rooms in the ”Coastline” position, the sounds now overlap correctly.
● Fixed the double animation while flanking the Mk47 Mutant.
● The gas station fire located at the ”Coastline” location is now damaging again.
● Fixed freezes that occur when switching between tabs and filters on merchant screens Dec
● The logic of the notification about exceeding the number of items before loading into the raid has been corrected.
● Fixed the problem of writing cyrillic symbols on the ”Player name” screen.
● Quick melee strikes can no longer be performed without endurance.
● Fixed the displacement of the sight on the collimator in the PL-15 pistol after firing all the projectiles.
● Fixed incorrect display of ”DayPack” backpack straps.
● Fixed the possibility of players being born outside the map in the “Lab” location.
● Sectarians can now stab players on the go.
● The ability to equip the SIG ROMEO8T sight on some rails has been adjusted.
● In the ”Exchange” position, the bodies will no longer fall out of the map.
● The progress value of the “Stamina” skill in the raid will no longer change after players are reconnected to the raid.
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