Escape From Tarkov Guide – Best Tips To Easy Win more PVP fights


Battlestate Games is a game that has been filled with NPC enemies over many years. The AI citizens of Tarkov cannot be underestimated, from the laser-accurate Rogues at Lighthouse to Tagilla’s Factory-dwelling powerhouse,

They aren’t the greatest threat in Escape From Tarkov, however. This award goes to the raid’s fellow players. While voice chat is a great tool for PMCs to communicate, in most cases a bullet will suffice. You are carrying the loot of other players, which is fuel for fighting.

It can be hard to survive encounters with other players, especially if your budget is limited or you are new to the game. Here are seven tips for killing players in Tarkov.

Be careful

In many PVP matches, the outcome of a fight is decided before any shots have been fired. It is essential to learn how to win the drop on others players, and to avoid the same fate. You can do that by taking a step back and examining how you are moving through Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov is all about movement. Move with purpose at all times during raid. You can’t hear them if you think they’ve heard it. If they don’t, you could be walking into an ambush. Do not immediately fall to the ground if you are shot at.

Consider the noise you make. Veterans will be able to pinpoint where you are and what you’re doing. They can also take your gear.

This doesn’t mean that you have to crawl silently around every map. Some areas, such as indoor high-value places, may require you to walk slowly. However, this will not be a problem on other maps. Open maps such as Woods and Shoreline are more noisy than those in Customs or Interchange. These larger maps are more difficult for distant snipers to track you down so be mindful of how and where you are moving. Open maps are best if you move faster and more predictably. However, if you have to navigate through tighter areas, slow down and go slower while you pay attention to louder players. This will help you win more fights.


Make sure you have the right gear

It’s a fact that new players will often be outmatched by high-level PMCs who can carry high-quality armour, ammo, and a weapon with suppressors in mods.

This gear can be too costly for many players to use. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or aren’t comfortable carrying around a loadout that is worth millions of Rubles. There are some guidelines you can follow before you embark on any raid.

To find the best bullets, first consult the ammo charts (here’s a 12.12 ammo-chart). Some ammo won’t be able to shoot through paper while others can do incredible damage with a limited budget. You can improve your survival chances by getting to know your ammo before you even step foot into Tarkov.

You should also consider bringing a few grenades to raids where you are likely to run into players. An M67 grenade is a better choice than budget ammunition. You’ll be more likely to defeat even the best-equipped players if you include a grenade as part of your pre-raid equipment up ritual.

Before you engage in real combat, practice with your guns

Escape From Tarkov allows you to feel completely different guns with different brands. Tarkov’s extensive weapon modding system means that weapons can have very different recoil, accuracy, and range depending on what has been added.

Although this sounds great, it can be problematic for players who are just starting out or those who want to explore new things. Full-auto firing can surprise you with a violent recoil that can cause you to be killed in a PVP battle. This can make it difficult to use full auto on other guns, even if they are properly equipped to spray and pray.

It’s a good idea to test your gun before you fire it. This will prevent any unpleasant surprises. You can either build a shooting range inside your hideout or go into an offline raid to try it out on Scavs.

Be thorough. Get a feel for how the gun performs at full-auto and at longer ranges. Also, consider whether any modding could be done to improve its performance. You can find a gun to suit every playstyle in Tarkov. It’s as simple as figuring out which one you have and getting to know it.

eft wallpaper

Gear can help you make informed decisions

Let’s now talk about how gearing up can affect your behavior. Simply put, how you use your gear once you are actually on a raid will be influenced by what you carry.

You might want to avoid the claustrophobic areas in Escape From Tarkov, if you are carrying a long-range gun. An M700 sniper will not serve you well in Customs’ Dorms. A full-auto SMG may not be the best option for the rolling woods. Escape From Tarkov is a great game. Make sure you use your best gear.

When making decisions about other players, you should also consider your gear. You don’t want to just be on the edge of skirmishes if you have a fully-automatic gun and armour. You shouldn’t be following a sniper who is slinging around the gun. Instead, you should sit and observe the exits to avoid getting drawn into a fight that won’t benefit you.

Escape from Tarkov

You should pay attention to the gear of other PMCs when you are in a firefight. You can focus fire on the legs of someone who is wearing class six armour and a fancy headgear. This tactic, also known as the “leg meta”, is an effective way to bring down budget-minded players.

You’ll be able to win more fights in Escape From Tarkov if you consider what you are (and don’t) geared for.

Find out where you are most at risk.

Areas in Escape From Tarkov can be dangerous if they are high-loot and high-traffic. Some places (E.G. Some places (e.g. Resort on Shoreline, Kiba at Interchange) will be more crowded because they are filled with goodies while others will be busier as they travel to other areas. The chokepoints on Shoreline, where players cross the River, Customs’ main Road, and the village with Woods’ car extract are all high-traffic areas.

It takes some time to find out where players are most likely to be found. However, it is worth searching a map of a specific location before you go in and having a look at it. You should look for spawns and quest locations that are high-value. If you find one, you can adapt to it. Avoid dangerous areas if you don’t have a reason to, prepare for combat, and be alert if you get a quest or the promise of loot also we offer Escape From Tarkov Cheats

Get moving fast

Congratulations! You’ve just killed a player or wiped out a whole team. You’re giddy about the possibility of loot and you get down to cleaning up your gear. Then you go: you’re dead. Do you sound familiar? This is because securing your hard-earned loot may be as risky as fighting for it.

Don’t lose your cool if you make it out of a fight alive. It might not be over. Did you check to see if the victim had any friends? Is anyone watching the body? Before you commit to looting, make sure you thoroughly investigate the situation. You’re dead if you get the drop on someone while you’re stuck in an interface.

Remember that prolonged fights can make a lot noise and attract players looking to join the fray as a third-party. After your fight is over and you’re certain that no one’s using your body as bait, you can take your prize and run. You don’t want your prize to be in the same area where a bunch of PMCs arrive.

Pick your battles

This is the last point on our list, but it’s still the most important. Escape From Tarkov doesn’t aim to kill every PMC in a lobby, unlike many other shooters.

Escape From Tarkov is about survival. Any loot you find is an additional bonus. There are certain quests that require you to kill other players. You can also find the best loot on PMCs, but it is not a requirement that you engage each player.

You don’t have to fight if the situation isn’t favorable to you. You can always pass on a scary-looking team if you aren’t spotted. Unless you’re willing and able to accept the odds against you. It often comes down to what it’s worth scrapping for in order to win more PVP fights.

These tips will help you win more battles against Escape From Tarkov players. These tips all have one thing in common: Tarkov isn’t always about firing faster or having the most expensive loadout. It’s about being able to think quickly and remain sharp in every raid.

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