The Escape from Tarkov Player’s Guide


The Escape from Tarkov Player’s Guide – Examine Immediately!

If you are just starting Escape from Tarkov, a challenging first-person shooter game, should you make your character choice SVAC or PMC? Let’s examine it in all its details together. EFT Cheats for Zhex Cheats.
Welcome to the Escape from Tarkov player’s guide! Escape from Tarkov is a challenging first-person shooter game full of complex concepts and punishing mechanics. We have prepared a great guide for you if you are new to the game. Everything you are looking for, from various mechanics to character selection, from upgrading your hideout to looting, to useful tips when going on raids, is in this guide.

Before we start, we shared some basic terms specific to Escape from Tarkov. Learning them thoroughly will make it even easier for you to progress in the game. Pleasant readings.

Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov | Key Terms

  • Stash: Your permanent inventory, which includes all the loot that you obtained during the raids and escaped
  • PMC: Private Military Contractor, your permanent main character who needs to be equipped with items in your stash before you raid
  • Scav: A playable or unplayable character that appears with predetermined equipment
  • Raids: A match or round in Escape from Tarkov
  • Extraction: Around each map there are designated points where your character can leave the raid and escape with your loot
  • Hideout: An upgradeable base that can provide a large number of in-game advantages
  • Flea Market: A Sunday where players can trade or sell items to other players

Escape from Tarkov | Keyboard Control Keys | Unique Experience !

  • W,A,S,D – Directional Keys
  • Mouse Center Wheel – Change the speed of movement
  • Caps Lock – Walking Distance
  • Shift – Running
  • Space – Jump
  • X – Creep
  • C – Squatting
  • Q – Hospitalization to the left
  • E – Go to the right
  • Alt + Q – Move to the left side
  • Alt + E – Move from side to right
  • Alt + A – Slight tilt to the left
  • Alt + D – Slight tilt to the right

Control keys for weapons;

  • Right-click targeting
  • Left click – Fire key
  • R – Reload
  • Mouse middle wheel + R – Switch to another magazine
  • Alt + T – Check the remaining bullets
  • G – Throwing grenades
  • V – Melee weapons
  • B- Change the shooting mode
  • Alt – Breath holding (helps for Aim)
  • T – Tactical equipment (flashlight, etc.)

Escape from Tarkov | Character Selection

First of all, let’s Decipher between PMCs (Private Military Contractor) and Scavs, which are two character options that you will get before joining a raid (or map).

Scavengers, or Scavs, come in two different variants: playable or non-playable characters. Unlayable Scavs are characters that appear on maps, are hostile to PMCs, and are friendly to player-controlled Scavs until you kill them. Player-controlled Scavs are the ultimate low-risk, high-reward character and will play an important role in acquiring weapons and equipment for your PMC character.

After playing as Scav, they enter a temporary waiting period before becoming available again. By looking at the character models before choosing your Scavs, you can get a general idea of the hardware of your Scavs. The hardware of your Scavs is random, so choosing a suitable map based on the hardware that your Scavs have can benefit you.

Escape From Tarkov

As a new player, it’s a good idea to use your Scavs frequently. It is unfortunate that any equipment lost with your Scav, but unlike your permanent character, this loot does not disappear from your stash; conversely, everything you get out of the raid in your Scav can be transferred to your stash.

Escape from Tarkov with Zhexcheats

At the end of the raid, the spoils that you have not transferred to your stash will be permanently lost. If you have space, try transferring all the equipment and items from your Scav and put them in your stash. Anything that takes up a lot of space can then be easily sold to merchants in exchange for money. It is worth noting that each trader buys only certain types of loot and offers different prices for each product.

The disadvantage of playing as Scav is that it does not gain experience for your PMC character. In October, Scavs lack the ability to complete many tasks assigned to them by traders. However, getting weapons and equipment should be your priority in the game. Sometimes they can appear with rare loot, for example, key cards or other valuables. Use your Scavs frequently in raids! After you start stocking up on weapons and loot, start switching to your PMC character. Escape From Tarkov.

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