“Aimbot” is a type of cheat commonly used in first-person shooter games like Escape from Tarkov. An aimbot assists the player in aiming their weapon by automatically adjusting their aim to target opponents, typically leading to more accurate shots and increased lethality.

In Escape from Tarkov, an aimbot cheat might automatically snap the player’s crosshair to an enemy’s head or body, ensuring that shots hit their target with minimal effort from the player. This can provide a significant advantage in combat situations, making it easier to eliminate opponents and survive encounters.

We can explain each of these terms commonly associated with aimbots:

  1. Silent Aim (Magic Bullet/Murder Mode): This feature allows the user to aim at opponents without their character’s model visibly moving or showing any indication of aiming. It makes it appear as if the player is legitimately aiming, giving the impression of skillful gameplay.
  2. Customizable Hotkeys: This allows the user to assign specific keys or key combinations to activate or deactivate certain cheats or features quickly during gameplay.
  3. Bone Selection: In games with character models, the bone selection feature allows the user to choose specific body parts (bones) on opponents to aim at, such as the head, chest, or limbs.
  4. Nearest Bone: This feature automatically selects the nearest bone on an opponent’s character model for aiming, usually prioritizing vital areas like the head or torso.
  5. Target Modes (Distance, Crosshair): Target modes determine how the aimbot selects and prioritizes targets. Distance mode may prioritize the closest enemy, while crosshair mode may prioritize the enemy closest to the player’s crosshair.
  6. Draw FOV: FOV stands for Field of View. This feature visually represents the area in which the aimbot is active, drawing a visual indicator on the screen to show the player the extent of their aimbot’s range.
  7. Aim Line: This feature displays a visual line or indicator from the player’s position to the targeted enemy, aiding in aiming and predicting shot trajectory.
  8. Customizable FOV: Allows the user to adjust the size and shape of the aimbot’s field of view, determining the range in which it will detect and aim at opponents.
  9. Customizable Smoothing: Smoothing adjusts the speed at which the aimbot’s aim adjusts to target opponents, allowing for more natural-looking movements to avoid suspicion.
  10. Advanced Prediction: Predicts the movement of opponents, adjusting the aimbot’s aim to compensate for factors such as player movement speed and direction.
  11. Humanized Trajectories: Aims with trajectories that mimic human aiming patterns, making shots appear more natural and less suspicious.
  12. Focus Infected: This feature allows the user to prioritize targeting infected or hostile entities in the game, such as zombies or monsters.
  13. Maximum Distance: Sets a maximum range at which the aimbot will detect and aim at opponents, preventing it from targeting enemies beyond a certain distance.