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  1. I have been using it for 2 weeks without any problems, there is a fast and friendly support team.

    The cheat menu is by far the best I’ve seen. Even though the cheat is external, there is no performance decrease.

    ESP is highly customizable and detailed.

    Spoofer works smoothly, since it is external, you need to spend some time to adjust the aimbot to the settings you want.

    Overall 4/5. I recommend it in terms of price/performance.

  2. Customer service: It was a bit slow, but was expected. They’re human too and live lives apart from the internet. Also, give admins some time!

    ESP : Awesome mesh of skeleton, as well as player tracking! One of the best I’ve seen!

    AIMBOT: Have yet to test!

  3. Works like a charme. Gone from Bow in my hands to 25+ Rifles in my storage boxes in 1 hour.

    did not got banned rn

    they got good spoofer too btw

  4. This will therefore be a thorough review since there aren’t many EFT cheese’s available in the marketplace right now.
    Let me tell you that the people who are in charge of selling are awesome. They are extremely friendly and quick in providing you with the product despite the time zone differences. I had issues with my first time injecting, and the person I spoke to helped me until my issue was solved.

    The cheese is now ready
    Player ESP: Amazing. basically everything you could expect from an ESP player. Many options to choose from You can alter the color of the esp, how much information is displayed and more. Overall, 4/5
    Item ESP: It’s decent. It could be improved since there are times when “items” will be displayed in the event that when you reach”an “item” theres nothing there. But you can alter the distance of display for items so that it doesn’t clog your screen. Overall 3/5.
    Aimbot: Again, its decent. It includes smoothing, bone selection the ability to alter the size of FOVs, and several other functions. The only thing I can see to be missing is the main goal. I haven’t had a chance to test it on patients who are closer than 100m from me. I dont know the exact target, however it appears that there isn’t any prediction included. It is aimed straight at bone. In the majority of my encounters I have hit 6-7 of 10 shots. That is quite good. Overall, I scored 4/5.

    Overall this cheese is decent. excellent reseller staff and it’s not being detected and the creator is always pushing out updates. Make sure to get to this cheese prior to when it gets unlocked and secret. It’s also reasonably priced for a month’s cost.

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