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Supported anti-cheats: In-Game Anti-Cheat
Supported CPUs: Intel & AMD
Supported OS: Windows 10 - 20H2 - Windows 11 (New)
Supported Stream Proof : OBS, Xsplit, Shadowplay
Supported Game Screen : Borderless/Windowed
Injected Method : Internal
Inbuild Spoofer : Yes
Boxes 2D/3D/Glow/Corner Smooth Crosshair
Name No Recoil Stream-Proof
Barrel ESP Aim Bone Background & Cross
Distance Prediction CONSTANT UAV
Snapline Controller Support  
Skeleton Legit/Medium/Rage  
Warning System    
Visible Check    
Radar:Show Player    

Undetected COD: Vanguard Hack with

Our Vanguard Cheat has been undetected since the day it was published. Our cheat is delivered to the customers with the built-in hwid spoofer.

    • Amazing Aimbot Hack.
    • Adjustable Glow, 3D/2D Box ESP.
    • More than 30 customizable cheat features.
    • Included Hwid Spoofer.
    • Supported Windows 10-11 All builds.
    • Easy to use.
    • Internal Inject Method.
    • Private build for each costumer.
    • Automatic delivery and hack updates.

COD: Vanguards Aimbot Hack

Our Vanguard aimbot hack doesn't flicker at all, the biggest advantage of internal cheats is that the aimbot works with satisfactory smoothness. Combining the Vanguard hitting feeling with the perfect aimbot settings, all you have to do is watch the carnage you create.

General Aimbot Hack Features:

    • Smooth: The feature that allows you to adjust the smoothness, you can adjust the aimbot's rage-legit level by turning this feature down or up.
    • No Recoil: It reduces the recoil rate of your guns, so your bullets find their targets more clearly.
    • Aim bone: Allows you to determine which spot of the enemies to target. e.g: neck, head, foot, body.
    • Prediction: By calculating the enemies speed, bullet speed and distance, it makes aimbot work more stable.

COD: Vanguards ESP Hack (Wallhack)

Our Vanguard cheat has multiple esp features, we can recommend you to use glow esp by default. However, our customers can use 3D or 2D Box esp. ESP works seamless, no lag or bugs.

General ESP Hack Features:

    • Name ESP : Allows you to see the name of the opponent.
    • Distance ESP : Shows the opponent's distance from you.
    • Snapline ESP : Line esp to show enemies behind you.
    • Visible Check: It is a helpful feature that allows us to understand whether the enemies is behind the wall.
    • Skeleton ESP : Makes the opponent's skeleton appear behind walls and objects.

COD: Vanguards HWID Spoofer

Hardware spoofer provides extra security by changing your hardware numbers, also hardware spoofer is used to remove your past bans. It's not mandatory to use it, you don't have to use it if you're using an undetected cheat, but extra precaution doesn't hurt. We do not sell external hwid spoofers, we only provide current hwid spoofer software as a free service to people who buy our cheats for any game.

Anti-cheats supported by Hwid spoofer:

    1. EAC
    2. BattlEye
    3. Vanguard
    4. Cod Games

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