Call of Duty: Warzone is broken

warzone aimbot

Josh Bridge from Activision assumes that the company isn’t “satisfied” with the situation that Call of Duty: Warzone currently finds itself. The reason is believed to be: initially considered as a free extension to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale, Battle Royale has become a platform that is constantly evolving with each new version (there are one every year). Unfortunately, the game was soon at the point of reaching technological limits. Thus the integration of the new features has become getting more and more complicated which is why Epic Games has never experienced any difficulties with Fortnite (which is, however, a mix of several things). Again, we’re facing a situation in which an unreliable publisher has been overwhelmed by the success of its rivals and taken a bad decision.

warzone aimbot

Thus, Activision is doing like every other company that is prone to failing: the company plans to fix the problem in the near future and, at the same time promises greater transparency in its communications with players. In a press announcement released the 11th of February the company already announces upcoming developments to provide the most user-friendly and less frustrating gaming experience. This includes the elimination of bugs as well as an enhancement of the Physics engine (especially for vehicles). The search for answers has also forced the game’s designers to delay the coming season.

Additionally, we are informed the fact that Infinity Ward is already working on a brand new Warzone experience, which is called “a massive evolution”. Similar to the upcoming massive Call of Duty, which will be a sequel of the Modern Warfare of 2019, it will be built on a brand new graphics engine. With luck it could result in an even more flexible platform , and will be less affected by frequent updates.


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